LMU Environmental Law Society


The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a student organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness and provide a forum for students to take action and advocate for the environment, our planet, and all animals.

Our Board

President – Nadean Azzam

Vice President – Aaron Deaver

Secretary – Bree Conner

Treasurer – Austin Hord


Anyone is welcome to join! Email Nadean Azzam, Aaron Deaver, or Hesper Capps to get added to the ELS BlackBoard page!

You can come to all our meetings, some of our meetings, or none of our meetings! As long as you are a member on BlackBoard, we will continue to email you and update you on what is going on with our club and with the environment.

If you are interested in a more active membership, check out "Other Things We Do!" below.


We hope to meet once a month to discuss ways we can help our community become more environmentally friendly.

In these meetings we will discuss what is going on in the environment locally and globally. Come with some news, concerns, or ideas to share with other members! (It is not a requirement that you come with something to share – but we would still love to have you). If you have any ideas on what you want to discuss in monthly meetings let us know by email or click the link below!

Other Fun Things We Do!

  • Guest Speakers;

  • Community Cleanups;

  • Gardening (including the upkeep of the schools gardens); and

  • Animal Shelter Collaborations.

Have your voices heard

We would love to hear your thought and ideas for our club, click the button below to submit feedback and ideas!